Secrets of a Homicide: Badge Man


The theory that two figures - Badge Man and Hard Hat Man - were standing immediately behind the stockade fence atop the grassy knoll at the time of the assassination, and that a third figure, identified as Gordon ARNOLD, was standing in front of the fence in the same area does not hold up under scientific scrutiny.

While Gary MACK has been diligent in seeing that Mary Ann MOORMAN photograph No.5 was analyzed by photographic experts from a number of prestigious institutions over many years, all of them came to the conclusion that the image was too indistinct to resolve the question of whether the figures described by MACK and WHITE were, in fact, human beings.

The only photographic expert to allegedly confirm the existence of Badge Man was British photographic technician Geoffrey CRAWLEY. Yet, in a 2001 interview, CRAWLEY revealed that producer Nigel TURNER falsified the true results of his 1988 study in the hopes that his documentary, The Men Who Killed Kennedy, might lead to a reopening of the assassination case. In reality, CRAWLEY concluded that the Badge Man figure, if human, would had to have been standing considerably behind the stockade fence in an elevated position - both of which seemed unreasonable to CRAWLEY under the circumstances. CRAWLEY concluded that MACK and WHITE had misinterpreted background foliage for the three figures.

My independent study of the Badge Man figure came to the same conclusion - all three figures, if human, were standing considerably behind the fence in elevated positions. I also found that Badge Man's presumed firing position (at the fence line) eliminated the possibility of a clear line of sight to the president's head at the time of the head shot. I conclude that MACK and WHITE have misinterpreted background foliage and a soda bottle located on the corner of the L-shaped retaining wall for the Badge Man figure.

The statements of Lee BOWERS, Jr., a railroad signalman who had a clear view of the area behind the fence, told Mark LANE in a 1966 filmed interview that no one was located behind the fence at the time of the shooting.

Thus, scientific evidence and eyewitness testimony fails to support the theory presented by MACK and WHITE in the documentary The Men Who Killed Kennedy that a figure known as Badge Man was present on the grassy knoll or that he fired the shot that killed the president.


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