Secrets of a Homicide: Introduction
Computer generated image

For nearly 44 years, much of the physical and photographic evidence in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy has been subjected to analysis - both professional and amateur. At the top of the list is Abraham's Zapruder's 8mm home movie, arguably the most scrutinized strip of celluloid on the planet.

Early investigators recognized the scientific importance of the Zapruder film and since 1963 the film has been clocked, enlarged, stabilized and enhanced in dozens of ways. In early 1993, work began on a computer project aimed at adding a new level of clarity to the assassination of President Kennedy. The concept was intriguing; take motion geometry from the Zapruder film and apply it to a full-scale, 3D computer model of the assassination scene. Then, re-photograph the resulting "slice-of-time" from any position or angle.

The fascinating EMMY ® award-winning results of this ten-year project were featured in November, 2003, on ABC-TV's 40th anniversary documentary, Peter Jennings Reporting: The Kennedy Assassination, Beyond Conspiracy.

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