Secrets of a Homicide: Introduction
Lightwave 3D interface
To insure that the final results have evidential value, strict adherence to verifiable data was deemed imperative.

LightWave 3D, a computer software package capable of accuracy to 10,000th of an inch, was chosen to construct the three-dimensional models.

A survey map of Dealey Plaza, prepared by Drommer & Associates for the House Select Committee on Assassinations in 1978, was used to plot the layout of the plaza in three-space.

Blueprints of the Texas School Book Depository, prepared by Burson, Hendricks & Walls for the Dallas County Depository restoration project in 1978, were the basis for the 3D model of the infamous warehouse.

The original body draft of the modified 1961 Lincoln convertible, prepared by The Hess & Eisenhardt Company, served as a guide in modeling the presidential limousine.

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